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Chicken Omelet Recipe, How to Make?

Chicken Omelet Fabrication :

Chop the chicken breast into small cubes. Take a frying pan with oil and cook a little. Then add the corn and finely chopped red pepper to the chicken and sauté together.

On the other hand, break the eggs into a deep bowl, add yoghurt, finely chopped cheddar cheese, salt and spices and whisk well. Then pour the egg mixture you prepared on the chicken mortar and mix once. Smooth the edges with the help of a spatula. Then close the lid of the pan and cook your omelet on low heat. After the bottom of your omelet is cooked, cover it with a plate and turn it over. Then put it back in the pan and let the other side cook for a short while.

After your omelet is cooked, you can put it on a serving plate, slice it and serve it hot.

Enjoy your meal.

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