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Cheese Pie Recipe, How to Make?

Cheese Pie Fabrication :

For the cigars; Put 250 g of curd cheese in a bowl. Add a small amount of grated cheddar cheese, a small amount of salt and 1 pinch of finely chopped parsley on it and mix. You can optionally add parsley.

Cheese Pie in construction; Open 2 sheets of dough and put them on top of each other. First, divide the dough into 4 equal parts. Divide each piece of dough into 3. Take 1 triangular piece of dough. Put the cheese mortar in the wide part.

How to Make Meat Pie?

Fold the right and left edges of the dough inward nicely. Roll the dough tightly so that it is not loose in the form of a roll. Wrapping the spring roll tightly prevents it from absorbing oil while frying. Also, if you roll it loosely, the stuffing of the spring rolls will spill into the pan while the pastries are fried.

On the other side, put a small bowl of water. you wrap cheese puff pastryImmerse the tip of the blade in water. Then let it stick to the dough. Then put plenty of oil in a deep and wide saucepan and heat it well. Put the cheese fritters in the hot oil. Ensure that the cheese fritters are evenly browned on all sides.

Crispy, Non-greasy: Cheese Pie

blushing cheese puff pastryYou can put it on a serving plate and serve it hot.

What are the Tips for Cooking Cigar Pie?

In order for the spring rolls not to absorb oil, you need to wrap the rolls tightly and fry them in hot oil while cooking. If you wrap it tightly, no oil can get into the cigarette rolls while they are cooking, and thus they will not absorb any oil.

In order for the pastry not to break apart and explode while cooking; Instead of fatty and juicy cheeses, you should prefer anhydrous and low-fat cheeses. And if you wish, you can also break eggs into the stuffing while preparing the cheese filling. Since the egg will bind the inner mortar, it will prevent it from bursting while frying.

How Many Minutes Does It Take to Prepare a Cheese Pie? How Many Persons?

In total to prepare this recipe 20 minutes required. of this period 10 minutesgood preparation, 10 minutesis the cooking time. Ingredients we have given in the recipe 24 pcs It’s for cheese spring rolls.

Enjoy your meal.

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